CIP is specialized in linking institutional capital to communication infrastructure investments.

We develop and provide solutions for institutional investors regarding the structure of and investments in communication infrastructure. And we provide solutions for the communications industry regarding finance and management of their communication infrastructures, mainly masts, cable or glass fiber infrastructures and datacenters. CIP was founded by Joost Goderie, Randolf Nijsse and Martijn Visser and operates as an independent investment advisory firm. CIP provides advise regarding M&A, structuring of joint ventures, management of investment funds, direct accounts or platforms for communication infrastructure. CIP team members have long standing careers in telecom, finance and M&A. With our in-depth insight in the communications sector together with experience with investing in communication infrastructure, we have a successful track record in setting up innovative infrastructure ownership structures and asset management companies.

Through successful deal making over many years, we have built an extensive network within both the telecommunications and investment markets. We are respected thought leaders in our field of business. We provide knowledge and long-term management for infrastructure asset structures being companies or specialized asset vehicles. Communication Infrastructure Partners is based in the Netherlands with a global focus.

In 2008, we founded the Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund (CIF), an institutional investment fund with over €1,2 billion Assets under Management (2017). The fund has a very successful financial track record with high direct returns and stable value growth.